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 Manufacturer:  Euro Styles East
 Retail Price:  N/A
 Our Price:  $50.00
 Ships:  Today!   ( If ordered before 2:30pm EST Monday-Friday )
Current Waiting List:
No one. There is at least one fender roller available for rental.

Please note that this waiting list is updated manually and is only updated during business hours (10am-6pm EST M-F).

If you place a rental order online and there isn't a fender roller available, you will be placed on the waiting list and will not be charged until the fender roller ships. We will also contact you for verification before the fender roller ships if you've been on the waiting list.

Rental time:
You will get 3 days with the fender roller for the above price. Once UPS sends confirmation for signed package, your time will begin. Day 4, you must send the fender roller back to us with all parts and in working condition. Each additional day late you will be charged $10 per day. The fender roller will come with instructions and parts list. Upon opening the package, you will have agreed to all terms and conditions. There will also be a $300 dollar deposit held on your card until the fender roller is returned.

Be sure to observe all applicable safety precautions prior to and during the use of this equipment. Applicable safety precautions include, but are not limited to:
• Properly raising and supporting of the vehicle.
• Wearing of appropriate eye and hand protection.

Additional Tools Required:
The following items should be present and in proper operating condition to conduct the fender rolling operation:
• Floor Jack
• Jack Stands
• Heat Gun
• Manual lug wrench for wheel lugs

Instructions for Use:
1. Raise and support either entire vehicle or vehicle corner on which fender rolling operation is to occur.

2. Remove wheel and place hub flange portion of the Fender Roller over wheel lugs. Place the dished washers (included) onto the wheel lugs. Use wheel nuts to hold tool in place; tighten snugly.

3. Loosen the handwheel located on the arm of the tool and adjust the arm length until the Fender Roller wheel is centered on the inner fender lip. Tighten the handwheel.

4. Using the release lever, adjust the roller angle to match the desired shape that the inner lip will be formed.

5. Adjust the pressure bar to apply gentle pressure to the formed lip.

6. Use a heat gun to gently warm the paint in the area to be rolled (to prevent cracking).

7. Grasp the tool firmly and repeatedly swing it in an arc across the inner fender lip to form the desired shape. It will be necessary to adjust the pressure bar to keep constant pressure on the lip during the operation. If the wheel arch radius is varying, it may be necessary to form the lip on small sections at one time, readjusting for each section radius.

Heat Gun Rental
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Retail Price:  N/A
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Ships:  Same Business Day
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